• Why Lopping Is Dangerous Unless You Are Removing the Entire Tree

    Several people tend to refer to trimming a tree as 'lopping off a few branches'. However, this usage is incorrect when a professional tree removal service talks about lopping a tree. To these professionals, lopping refers to the process of removing most of the top branches down to the trunk. The problem with this tree growth control method is that it becomes quite dangerous, to both the tree and tree's owner.
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  • So You Want to Remove a Tree . . .

    Tree removal on private property is not as simple as picking up a chainsaw. Depending on the girth, species and location of your tree, you may have to seek council approval for removing or even pruning a tree on your property. What follows is a quick guide to residential tree removal. Approve Before you Remove If you are planning to remove a native tree, or a significant tree in terms of it's historical, functional or botanical importance, you may need to acquire a permit or council permission to proceed.
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  • How to Maintain the Perfect pH Balance for Your Turf

    Is your turf dry, dead and brown? Maintaining a healthy, green turf can be quite an ordeal. Even if you mow regularly and keep your turf fertilised, you could have problems keeping your lawn healthy. Often, the problem is in the pH balance of the soil. This article will highlight how to properly monitor and correct the pH balance in your soil so you can grow greener natural turf. Testing Your pH Balance
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