Easy Ways to Reduce Your Summer Energy Bills

Posted on: 20 June 2016

As summer approaches and temperatures heat up, you will be relying more on your air conditioner than ever before. Unfortunately, this also means a considerable hike in your energy bills. Follow these tips to help reduce those summer energy bills while still remaining cool.

Clean Your Vents and Air Filters

If you have too much built-up debris, it could cause your air conditioner to work harder that necessary, which increases your energy bills during the summer. Before the temperatures start to heat up, check both your vents and your air filters. Change the air filters, even if they are reusable ones, so you can start fresh in the summer. Then check your vents and ducts, making sure they are clean and free of debris. Make sure all of your vents are open so you don't have any wasted energy.

Re-Program Your Thermostat

When the seasons change, it is a good time to take a look at your thermostat and re-program it. You may have new needs as far as the desired temperature goes, plus this gives you the opportunity to make sure it is still working properly. If you have issues with programming your thermostat, it might be in need of repairs. If it is working, you want to set one temperature for when you are home and want to remain comfortable and a higher temperature for when everyone is gone for the day, and you don't mind it being a little warmer indoors. This helps to save energy by not running the air conditioner constantly.

Change How You Do Laundry

In the summer, you might end up doing more laundry as well. You are washing your kids clothes more often since they probably are playing outside more often and getting their clothes dirtier. You might also end up with more laundry during pool or beach days by washing lots of sandy towels and bathing suits. Make sure you are still working to lower your energy bills even while using the laundry machines more often. One way to do this is by never washing laundry until you have a full load. That way you don't use up more energy or water than necessary. Also consider washing all clothes and linens in cold water as it uses less energy for this temperature.

Turn Your Ceiling Fans On

If you have ceiling fans in your home, make good use of them in the summer. When you turn them on and run them with your air conditioner, you can actually turn up the programmed temperature by a few degrees. This uses a little less energy with your air conditioner, but still keeps it nice and cool inside your home.